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Who should I talk to about a new collocation?

Please contact our sales team at 877-409-6966 or leasing@americantower.com.

I’m interested in one of your sites, who can I contact for information on availability?

Please contact our sales team at 877-409-6966 or leasing@americantower.com.

What is the process to put my equipment on a tower?

The 10 Steps to Connect Your Network With Us document outlines our process.

Please contact our sales team at 877-409-6966 or leasing@americantower.com with any additional questions.

Why do I need to complete a credit application?

All new customers must complete a credit application, as part of our standard practices.

Even if you’re a customer who has done business with American Tower in the past, we will request a credit application if:

  • The customer entity of a new application does not match a customer entity that has a credit application on file
  • The application is out of date

How do I obtain a status on my project?

You can track your project milestones within your American Tower account.

Additionally, you can reach out to your assigned Account Project Manager at any time for a status update.

Do you have an e-signature service?

Yes, American Tower utilizes and accepts signatures via DocuSign®. Please talk to your Sales Account Manager or Account Project Manager to facilitate registration.

DocuSign® is a registered trademark of DocuSign, Inc.

Why is a structural analysis necessary?

American Tower requires an engineering service be completed for the following reasons:

  • To certify the tower is structurally capable of accommodating the proposed equipment.
  • In accordance with reasonable and prudent engineering practices.
  • The tower facility is subleased by American Tower from a third party.
  • American Tower is contractually obligated to undertake the analysis.

How do I submit payment for fees?

Fees are submitted via Purchase Order (PO) electronically to po@americantower.com or uploaded within your American Tower account. If payment by check is preferred, please contact your Account Project Manager for further information on submittal details.

What are the requirements for receiving a Notice to Proceed (NTP)?

The following documents, information, and requirements must be received and completed for American Tower to issue the NTP:

  • American Tower-approved contractor information
  • Construction drawings (approved by American Tower)
  • Building permit or a letter from the jurisdiction confirming one is not required
  • Executed lease
  • All outstanding fees paid

All documentation can be uploaded directly to your project within your American Tower account.

Tell us how we are doing

Tell Us How We Are Doing

To get continually better over time—that is our goal. We believe in providing frequent opportunities for our customers to submit their feedback, so we can use it to make changes and improve how we work together.