There’s More Than One Way to Make a Mark at American Tower

As a service-oriented company, we know how to take care of both our physical assets and our employees. Our physical assets are necessary to our business, but our employees are what make us successful.




Director, Business Analytics: Employee since 2009

Since joining as an intern, I’ve been provided tremendous opportunity, so choosing to develop, nurture, and build my career with the company was an easy choice. While I’ve worked within the IT organization for my entire tenure, my roles have changed quite a bit, providing a holistic view of our business through analytics, intelligence, reporting, and strategy. The company is not afraid to make changes, provides a culture where ideas are considered and tried, and realizes its people’s abilities, helping them grow both professionally and personally.


Director, Customer & Operations Engineering: Employee since 2007

The company’s collaborative, respectful, and engaging environment has supported my advancement within the engineering organization. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and accountability and a focus on out-of-the-box solutions and customer service, all of which make employees feel valued and drive business forward. With great benefits, a true appreciation for hard work, and a commitment to corporate responsibility, I’m happy to be with American Tower and look forward to future opportunities for career growth.


Director, Site Development: Employee since 2012

I lead both internal employees and outside vendors to implement our solutions and processes, from building new assets to upgrading existing infrastructures. Our diverse and inclusive culture encourages forward thinking and ongoing innovation to enhance our business and provide outstanding service to customers—this is key for me with such a broad area of responsibility. What I also value is our strong strategic vision and how leadership shares it with everyone, so we can all help accomplish it.


Manager, Strategic Accounts: Employee since 2015

Serving in roles with increasing responsibility and across departments, I’ve worked to drive solutions for customers—directly and as a coach and manager. Our people and culture encourage collaboration and growth, helping me to advance my skills and better serve our customers. From supporting continuous improvements, whether for business processes or employee benefits, and providing development opportunities, I’m proud to work for a company that values my wellness, my knowledge, and my career.

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American Tower was named one of the World’s Most Admired Companies in 2020 by FORTUNE magazine.