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Become a Smarter City

Advance your smart city agenda with American Tower. We’re ready to replace your existing streetlight infrastructure with American Tower Smart Fusion Poles. To help you get started, we’ve outlined the three basic steps involved and detailed how our turnkey deployments work.

We also simplify the process for mobile network operators to quickly and easily make more connections in the densest urban environments.

Evolve With an Expert Partner

Accelerate your evolution to smart city operations. We’ve developed the processes required to streamline Smart Fusion Pole deployments. In addition, we leverage our strong relationships with mobile operators to ensure you benefit from aesthetically pleasing, multitenant, urban wireless solutions—without the time and hassle required to manage individual permits and multiple agreements.

Evolve with an expert partner

Here's how it works:

  1. Set up a master agreement with American Tower to establish the terms and conditions for Smart Fusion Pole deployments. To accelerate the process, we start with our template master agreement, then customize it for your needs.
  2. Issue a cluster permit defining the details around how Smart Fusion Poles will be deployed in specific locations. We have a checklist of items to review with you to ensure nothing is missed.
  3. Let American Tower manage the deployment details from here. We manage all aspects of smart pole installation and mobile operator leasing activities, so you can stay focused on core city business.

Simplify With Turnkey Deployments

Our dedicated smart pole team partners closely with you to simplify the process and reduce your administrative burden. Review our responsibilities chart to understand the big picture and see just how easy we make it.

Make More Connections

If you’re a mobile network operator, our master agreements and cluster permits with cities make it fast and easy for you to quickly densify your urban network with Smart Fusion Poles.

We work with you to:

  • Identify the ideal street-level locations
  • Take you through the process of getting connected with our Smart Fusion Poles

Share Your Feedback

At American Tower, we are committed to collecting, reviewing, and acting on the customer feedback we receive – all with the goal of continually improving how we serve you. When working with us, you will be invited to provide your input along the way. Or you can visit us here to share your thoughts at any time.